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Rep. Aman to Retire from General Assembly at End of Term

HARTFORD 4/13/2016 - State Representative Bill Aman (R-14) announced on Wednesday that after 24 years in elected office, he will not seek re-election in November for the 14th General Assembly District, which represents the Town of South Windsor.


“I have thought long and hard about not running for re-election and the decision to step aside is a difficult one,” said Rep. Aman. “I will truly miss working with the residents of South Windsor and I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to be their voice at the Capitol.”


 A resident of South Windsor since 1974, Rep. Aman volunteered for many positions in town before being elected to the 14th General Assembly District in 2004. Rep. Aman was elected to six terms on the South Windsor Town Council and served two terms as Mayor of South Windsor. He is a former member of South Windsor’s Economic Development Commission, Affordable Housing Task Force, Pension Committee, and Capital Projects Committee  and Served on the Capitol Region Council of Governments from 2001-2003. Aman also has presided over numerous weddings as a Justice of the Peace.

 “Over my career I had the opportunity to work with so many residents to solve local and state issues,” added Rep. Aman. “I still have a lot of things to accomplish on behalf of my constituents before I leave office in January. I will continue to work to make structural changes to the budgeting processes and find relief for residents living with crumbling foundations.”  

 Rep. Aman currently serves as the Ranking Member of the legislature’s Planning and Development Committee. In addition, he sits on the legislature’s Appropriations, Judiciary and General Law Committees.

A Vietnam War veteran and graduate of Ithaca College in 1968, Aman went on to receive a MBA from Long Island University in 1972. Shortly after graduating Rep. Aman started his own homebuilding company, Wilmar Construction Company, which built homes throughout the South Windsor area.

Aman has two beautiful daughters Bonnie and Jessica with his loving wife of 45 years Marti. He also has two wonderful grandchildren.

“During my time in office I had the opportunity to form friendships with colleagues and staff on both sides of the aisle and I will miss them all greatly,” stated Aman. “But I am looking forward to spending more quality time with my wife, children, and grandchildren.”

SWRTC Explains the J.J. Motts Resolution

Why did the Republicans vote to table a resolution to limit use of concrete in South Windsor from a company under investigation as a source of crumbling foundations?

We all know families who have been affected by crumbling foundations and we understand the financial and emotional stress it has presented to them.  This has not been lost to each of us sitting on the council.  We are committed to working towards a resolution to this issue legally and within the confines of our authority to do so. 

The resolution that was tabled states:

“Whereas the current information suggests that the foundations that have been impacted in the region have all had the same source of the concrete and materials from a company by the name of J.J. Mottes out of Stafford Springs, CT” 

The foundations in question are over 20 years old; the State of Connecticut is conducting a full investigation into the exact cause and possibly assigns culpability to those deemed responsible.  It is our intent to communicate with our State Representative, Senator and the Governor’s office to receive an update on the investigation.  We urge all residents to do the same. 

Town Manager, Matt Galligan strongly advised against passing this resolution as it has the possibility of opening the door to litigation should the company be found in compliance.  Mayor, Tom Delnicki said, “based on the comments and concerns of our town manager, and the fact that we could find ourselves in litigation that would add insult to injury, I voted to table having the best interest of the community and tax payers in mind.  I am committed to working with our elected officials, both on the council and at the state and federal level to come up with a resolution that meets the test of the rule of law.  The resolution we had before us on Monday, December 7, truly did not accomplish anything, but placed the town at risk.”


Election Results 2015
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Local Candidates Well Worth Voting For

Hartford Courant 10/25/2015

Community Center Celebrates 35 Years

The Republican Town Committee came out in large numbers to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the community center Friday, October 9. The place was packed as a pizza truck doled out pies and volunteers served drinks and snacks.

The success of the center is another example of strong civic connections between staff, volunteers, and seniors in town. It's important that we maintain these quality-of-life outcomes of town funding as we look to become more efficient in our spending. To see the energy in that room is to understand the impact local town councilors can have on our most cherished citizens.

The RTC will continue to support our senior citizens as we make decisions about how to best use town buildings as they become available. The need for space was obvious last night - we are committed to doing all that we can to make it right.


Billy Carroll
Tom Delnicki
Lisa Maneeley

Matt Riley
Jan Snyder
Carolyn Streeter-Mirek

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Meet Jamie Gamble
Republican Candidate for Board of Education

One of the primary factors in our decision to move to South Windsor 5 years ago was the solid reputation of the public schools in South Windsor. My wife and I believe education is an essential building block for children to grow up and become valued members of society. Our two children currently call Orchard Hill Elementary School home and they will be fortunate enough to attend the new school when the doors open in 2017.

I have been on the Board of Education for less than a year, but in that time I have been a part of multiple committees and addressed many issues head on and done so with much enthusiasm and creativity. As a member of the Board of Education I strive to move the district forward by working collaboratively with the Superintendent and her staff to give them the tools they need to implement our Strategic Plan and vision for the district. I am an IT Manager for the State of CT and have to constantly adapt to an ever changing technological landscape and those same skills serve me well in my role on the Board.

I believe in an open and transparent educational process while making smart spending choices. I look forward to continuing my service to South Windsor as a member of the Board of Education and will work hard to make South Windsor schools a great place for your children to call home.

Meet Stephanie Dexter
Republican Candidate for Planning and Zoning
Stephanie Dexter has been a resident of South Windsor for over 30 years.  Stephanie is a graduated in 1976 from the University of Hartford, Hartt School of Music with a Bachelors in Music Education and Minor in Vocal Studies.  While auditioning in the NYC area and singing for the Hartford Opera Chorus, Coachlight Dinner Theater and local churches, Stephanie also taught publically and privately. 

Stephanie began her business career at Veeder Root in Hartford CT in 1980; she finished her distinguished career after 30 years working for Danaher Corporation in the Tool Group Division, managing a $200 M+ account for a major retailer.  This opportunity allowed Stephanie to use her skills to motivate and lead a team of professionals, as well as negotiate within opposing goals and continuously improve the process of bringing products proudly made in the USA to market.   

After her retirement, Stephanie volunteered her considerable talents to the town as an alternate on the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Since 2012, Stephanie has worked to develop the current ten-year Plan of Conservation and Development and is currently a member of the Main Street Preservation Sub-Committee, and South Windsor Arts, Agriculture and Nature Sub-Committee. 

 As a P&Z team member, Stephanie strives to listen to South Windsor residents as well as the business community.  Her goal is to find a middle ground where new and existing businesses large and small can thrive and where the tax paying residents find value in their investments.

“I hope that you, the voter, will find value in electing me to the P&Z Commission so I can continue to promote teamwork, find a middle ground and implement our Plan of Conservation and Development that will enhance all of our everyday lives for years to come.”  - Stephanie Dexter

South Windsor's Midnight Vote
Letter to the editor, Journal Inquirer 9/14/2015

There is a tradition in the state legislature to pass a controversial law in the middle of the night and hope no one is paying attention. That tradition has come to the South Windsor Town Council.

On Aug. 26 - a time when parents are getting children ready for school or hearing about the first day of school, or people are on vacation taking advantage of the last full week of August - the Town Council took up the latest version of the movie studio project, except this time it's a technology park.

This park would be built by the same company that seized town property given to Connecticut Studios. This proposal is so complex that it defies the imagination. It is the type of proposal that should require several public hearings and a couple of meetings to deliberate. It is the type of proposal that should have been explained and input from South Windsor residents should have been sought.

In essence, the town forms a nonprofit corporation just so it can borrow $8 million without voter approval, and spend $3.5 million for improvements that benefit a developer. What a deal - not for the taxpayer but for a corporate conglomerate that has virtually stolen South Windsor land.

You would think all Town Council members would want to hear from the public, study the plan before spending $8 million in tax dollars - all, of course on top of what was spent on the defunct movie studio. Unfortunately the Democrats gushed over the project-making up imaginary tax revenue. Why no referendum? In the limited time available before this "special meeting," the Republicans had done their homework and focused on the devil in the details, not wanting Connecticut Studios, Part 2.

When all was said and done the Democrats refused to delay the vote to allow people to get familiar with this huge proposal and passed it on a party-line vote just before midnight. Obviously the South Windsor Democrats have learned from their friends at the state Capitol: If a proposal is controversial pass it at midnight when no one is paying attention and tell people it is the greatest things ever.

Remember in November and say no to the arrogance of the Democrats on the Town Council. Expect more, vote Republican, and bring back transparency and accountability to the Town Council.

South Windsor

Republicans at the Wapping Fair

Come meet us at the fair Sunday, September 13 from 12-4!

Correcting the Record
posted 9/9/2015 by Kathy Daugherty

A recent Journal Inquirer letter to the editor mischaracterized a recent vote on the town council. It's not clear if the misinformation in the editorial is intentional but it is certainly not truthful.

"The project up for discussion would save the town from potential lawsuits over the long-stalled CT Studios project and replace it with an innovative fuel-cell powered technology park with the potential to create higher-paying jobs, increase revenue for the town, and reduce taxes. ...Democrats on the council voted yes on the project, approving it on a 5-4 vote."

The vote was not to approve the technology park project. The resolution was to approve a purchase payment agreement plan. The South Windsor Republicans strongly favor economic development, property tax relief, and creating jobs in town. But this wasn't about economic development, it was about rushing into a multi-million dollar agreement that wasn't divulged to Republicans until 11:00 PM on the night of the vote.

Republican Town Councilor Carolyn Streeter-Mirek explains:

"The agreement we received in our council packet was not even the one we were to be voting on. We did not get that in our hands until just prior to our executive session at 11:00 PM. The proper agreement should have been in our hands the Friday prior to the meeting for us to study in order to prepare properly.

When we realized that we weren't given the correct information, Tom Delnicki made a motion to continue the discussion to the September 8 regularly scheduled meeting. This would have also given the public a chance to be more aware since the special meeting was held during the beginning days of school, a hectic time for many. The Democrats said no.

The payment agreement was extremely complex and our duty is to the taxpayers who voted for us to do our due diligence and be fiscally responsible - especially when the taxpayers are being asked to bond between 8-10 million dollars for a project without any warranties or thorough review. No referendum. No public hearing. No opportunity to study the proposal in advance of the vote.

Rushing to vote on a financial agreement without all the facts is irresponsible. There was never a vote on a development plan, it was a vote on a payment agreement. Any suggestion that we are against the creation of jobs or economic development is, of course, ridiculous. Our taxpayers deserve more and should expect more."

Meet Billy Carroll
Republican Candidate for Town Council
posted 8/22/2015 by Kathy Daugherty

William A. Carroll, Jr. (Billy) is a lifelong resident of South Windsor. He attended South Windsor Public Schools and graduated in 1980. Billy attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Billy is also a Distinguished Military Graduate of the UMASS Army ROTC program and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army in the Signal Corps. He served in the US Army for 9 years and transitioned to the US Army Reserve in 1993 as a Captain. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division, 1st Armor Division in Germany and the 101st Airborne Division. He was in Germany for the fall of the Berlin Wall and received the Bronze Star during combat in the First Gulf War. He then pursued a career in the Army Reserve and continued to lead soldiers in positions of increasing responsibility. He was activated in 2003 and served 18 months training soldiers for deployment during Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. He then commanded Information Operations Battalion at Fort Devens, MA in the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Colonel Retired Carroll served the last seven years in the Army Reserve assigned to US European Command, in Stuttgart Germany. He served our country for over 30 years.

Billy met his wife Juanita after returning to South Windsor from the Army and was married in 1996. He and Juanita have two children, Molly and Bridget. He has had a successful career in technology sales and is now a Client Manager for Dimension Data, a worldwide leader in technology products and services. Billy has volunteered as a coach for youth basketball, softball, and soccer in both recreational and travel leagues. He is an avid cyclist.

As his military career was starting to wind down, he joined the South Windsor Republican Town Committee in 2008 and is currently serving as the co-vice chairman. He has been instrumental in organizing the South Windsor Strawberry Fest for many years. Billy has volunteered for the Planning and Zoning Commission since 2009 and helped to develop the current South Windsor Plan of Conservation and Development. He has also been a member of the South Windsor Patriotic Commission since 2009, where he has organized the successful Veterans in the Schools program for the last several years.

Billy is looking forward to continuing his service to South Windsor as a member of the town council. His roots in South Windsor and his leadership in the Army have helped shape his ideas and values. Billy believes in working hard to be a valued member of society. He would like to see South Windsor continue to grow and to be recognized as a great place to raise a family.

Meet Beth Esstman
Republican Candidate for Board of Education
posted 7/23/2015 by Kathy Daugherty

Beth Esstman

Education in South Windsor is a priority for me. I am fortunate to have four children. When my youngest starts kindergarten this fall, all four of my children will be in the South Windsor Public School System.

My husband and I moved our family to South Windsor in 2008, just before our oldest started kindergarten. At the time we were living in a town that did not have a strong school system. We wanted to find a town that valued education where we could raise our children. We came to South Windsor for the school system and education here.

Professionally I am a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. I obtained my graduate education and my nursing degrees from Yale University. I have been elected to and have served on local and national nursing boards.

The importance of education and the public school system has been engrained in me throughout my life. As the daughter, sister, and daughter-in-law of former or current public school teachers, passionate discussions about education have always been commonplace.

Obviously, I have a vested interested in our public schools because four of the most important people in my life are in them. Although the South Windsor Public School System has many strengths, I think there are opportunities for improvement. I hope to be a part of the change that further improves our school system for my own children and for all the public school children in our town.

Municipal Campaign '15
posted 7/23/2015 by Kathy Daugherty

Our Republican team has a proven track record of dedication and leadership in South Windsor. Tonight we proudly announce our slate of candidates for the November 2015 municipal election:

Town Council

William "Billy" Carroll
Tom Delnicki
Lisa Maneeley
Carolyn Streeter Mirek
Matt Riley
Janice Snyder

Town Treasurer

Cookie Pandiscia

Board of Selectmen

Paul Burnham
Matthew Mitchell

Board of Education

Beth Esstman
David Joy
Jamie Gamble
Phil Koboski
Rick Stahr


Joe Etter
Jay Murtha
Dan Seypura

We're very excited about our winning team!
We'll post information soon about meet and greet opportunities so that you can get to know the candidates!

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Welcome all Republicans!
posted 7/1/2015 by Kathy Daugherty:

If you are not a registered Republican and would like to be, contact Sue Burnham in the Registrar's Office at the South Windsor Town Hall (860) 644-2511 x. 276.

Become a Candidate
posted 7/1/2015 by Kathy Daugherty:

2015 is a Municipal Election, we are looking for candidates to fill all vacancies on boards and commissions.  If you are interested in serving on a board or possibly in elected office, please contact Kathy Daugherty.


The Passing of a Great Friend...
posted 12/7/2014 by Kathy Daugherty:

It is with great sadness we inform you that Cary Prague passed away today, Sunday, December 7. Cary was many things to many people, a wonderful husband, father, brother, son, and friend.

Cary was diagnosed with brain cancer 3 years ago. Without complaint, Cary endured many surgeries, countless chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He fought this dreaded disease with dignity. Through it all, Cary kept his commitment to South Windsor strong. He continued to serve with distinction as a member of the town council.

Among his many roles in South Windsor, there are a few that stand out – founder of the South Windsor Spelling Bee, Member of the Board of Education, Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, South Windsor Community Foundation and South Windsor Rotary Club to name a few. Cary has earned many awards for his service, such as Business Person of the Year, the coveted Gene Policelli Award, and the highest rotary award - Paul Harrison Award.

Many of his friends would say that Cary could get more done in an hour than most would get done in an entire day – he was always willing to help, giving of himself tirelessly. He touched the lives of many.

Please join me in extending our deepest sympathy to his wife Karen, son David and wife Tess, and sons Jeff and Alex.

Cary – it was an honor and privilege to know you – God Speed



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